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Just a taste of the amazing artists and makers who will be at Ocean Winter 2019..

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The Pottery at Ocean Studios has been taken over by Bev and Tweeny.  With over 50 years of ceramic and teaching experience between them Bev and Tweeny aim to provide a space where like-minded people can visit, enrol on courses, hire equipment, and buy materials.  Our ethos is to talk to people, see what they want and work with them to help them achieve their dreams.  

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Emma Spring Mosaics

Emma Spring is a professional mosaicist, designing and creating mosaics for public spaces and private clients. Emma works with ceramics, glass and marble to produce bespoke pieces ranging from the semi-representational to abstract in design. They are intriguing, often amusing and made with exquisite attention to detail. Emma will be demonstrating her work at Ocean Artists & Makers Summer Market and giving visitors the opportunity to create their own mosaics.

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Mark Fielding

I am a visual artist based in Plymouth. In broad terms, my inspiration is from the pleasure I find in colour and pattern: abstract qualities found around us. This comes before subject matter. It is the colour, pattern, contrasting light and shade found in landscape, the sea, urban architecture, patterned fields and gardens, for example, which often provide the subject for this exploration.

I am also inspired by people. The working man working in a field or a fisherman in a small boat in a vast sea, alone with his thoughts. Dancers lost in the moment. And finally, a more detailed enquiry of individual people through portrait painting and drawing.

I will be offering pencil sketch portraits at Ocean on Saturday 6th July.


Gorgeous Yarns

I specialise in natural, plant dyed yarns, perfect for sensitive skin or those wishing to reduce the chemicals in life. At Gorgeous Yarns we also have our own label, luxury undyed yarns of merino, alpaca and silk. We have a range of kits and patterns of my own design which support my yarns, some of which have featured in national magazines. I also have a range of hand made, unique project bags and accessories. 

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We design, create and deliver story driven pieces, we know how important a role carefully crafted design has to play in the home. We love our work, it's soul food to us. Our mutual obsession for design, illustration and materials, paired with our desire to be the best we can be and serve our customers is why we started up.

Our designs focus on hand painting, hand lettering and letter pressing. We add a splash of personality to every piece, creating items that are useful but also beautiful. 

We aim for all of our products to be as sustainable as possible, printing on ethically sourced and recycled paper stocks, and packaging in recyclable material where possible.


Cushla McDonald

I am a Devon-based printer and photographer. I find inspiration from nature, using its raw forms to create unique monoprints, both detailed and abstract. My art is connected with Devon’s abundance of flora and fauna, and the tactile qualities of printmaking transfer this diversity onto paper.


Beth Antliff

Bethany Antliff is a ceramic and glass artist based in Plymouth. She studied her bachelors degree at Plymouth College of Art, and decided to stay here in the southwest to be surrounded by incredible natural beauty. 

Beths work quietly connects us to what matters, to the natural world and our connection with it. She explores her concern and questioning for human consumption and the damage it causes to habitats and ecosystems throughout her work. She does this by taking inspiration from mutualistic symbiotic relationships in nature, where two species live along side each other both benefitting from the relationship, such as lichen and coral. She hopes to inspire admiration and consideration for the natural world within our everyday lives.

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Shh by Sadie creates delightfully colourful jewellery for lovers of exotic print, intricate craftsmanship, and did we mention vibrant colour! Hand crafted from her studio in Plymouth using traditional bead weaving techniques and tiny glass beads, Sadie’s pieces can take up to 18 hours to complete. Shh by Sadie has appeared in national and international press and sells worldwide.

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David Hilton, a resident artist at Ocean Studios using oils on canvas,  graduated from Syracuse University NY with an MFA in Art Film in 1980.  Since then he has worked in TV and taught at what is now Plymouth University Faculty of Arts from 1989 - 2018.  He has been painting in one way or another since 1966.  

Painting for me is a derive that looks at and thinks about where I am and its connection to other places, situations and emotions. 

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I do Taxidermy, specifically bad taxidermy. I don’t have any real narrative behind anything. There’s no meaning behind any of it. I just enjoy doing it and I hope that what I make will make people laugh. I make rat pencil cases with imaginatively inserted pencil sharpeners, magnetic mice earrings and mouse hearts/testicles in different resin shapes. I also have a book called ‘Uneducated Guesses’ - unrelated to taxidermy - but I like the idea that I can make something for everyone. 

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Alice Antliff

Alice Antliff is a ceramics and glass artist, a recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art. Her work often seems fragile and intricate, representing the delicate qualities of plants and flowers, as she is inspired by the fact they are not only beautiful but they also make the world go around. They create the basis for life on this planet by providing food, shelter and oxygen, while at the same time helping us with the fight against global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Recently Alice has been looking at her own impact on the environment within her making and trying to limit this as much as possible using things like upcycled and recycled glass whenever possible.

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Cam Rose is a sign painter and artist based in the South West. Her work combines signwriting, murals, and illustration, producing original designs to bring to life the ideas of her clients.

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Rebecca Roberts Ceramics is based in the beautiful South West of England, these surroundings, especially the coast, have always been an influence in her work. This could either be a direct influence -  a coastline picked out in colour on a stark white porcelain form, other times it is more abstract as in her wave pictures and Edge series of bowls.  With these she loves to encourage some of the natural and more eccentric properties of the porcelain, looking to the material to be itself.  All work is individually made and due to the processes used, the resulting pieces are unique.


WildMoor by Shelagh Brown

I am a textile artist, hand spinner, dyer and hand weaver using British and rare breed wool and natural fibres to make one off pieces of wearable art for you and your home. Handmade to last. Slow textiles. 
Based in Princetown and inspired by the changing colours, textures and moods of the ancient landscape and endless horizons across the Moors, river and open sea. 

- Handspun and handdyed skeins of wool and natural fibres
- Handspun and handwoven throws, wraps, scarves, bags, purses, table runners, rugs, wallhangings, cushions and lots of other ideas
-  Handspun and handknitted wool hats and infinity cowls. 

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Hi! I'm Steph, sole independent dyer of Perran Yarns, and designer of knit and crochet accessories, available as patterns or kits.

I choose luxurious and unusual base yarns including blends of merino, baby alpaca, baby camel, yak, silk, bamboo, seacell (derived from seaweed), and tencel (derived from woodpulp). I individually kettle-dye, handpaint or dip-dye each skein in beautiful wearable colourways in very small batches using Jacquard dyes. With over 12 years dyeing experience, I'm still delighted and amazed by the tones and shades achievable.

I'm increasingly aware of sustainability and constantly look for ways to reduce waste in my dyeing process and improve reusability of my packaging products. I was very pleased to introduce my range of handdyed recycled sari and chiffon silk ribbons in 2016, which have proven extremely popular for a huge range of craft and fashion uses.

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Practical products with a twist of treasure!

Taking selected pieces of metal recovered from local wrecks, combining with British leather and local driftwood.  My products are intended to be used every day, they are part of an ongoing story, they have a past a present and a future. Every piece unique and made to last.