ocean winter artists designers & makers

Just a taste of the amazing artists, designers and makers joining us at Ocean Winter 2019..


Nick Halford

Nick Halford is a sign-maker by trade, working in the industry for 20 years. He works in neon combined with spraypaint / stenciled graphics and hand-painted elements to create eye-catching pop art style installations.

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Ethical Sustainable Womens Clothing

Vashti Maya started from a love of making vintage inspired clothing and a vision to produce clothes in an ethical and sustainable way. 

The aim is that each piece of Vashti Maya clothing becomes a much loved and long-term part of your wardrobe. Clothing that is made to last and most importantly, kind to ourselves, to animals and to our planet. Everything at Vashti Maya is handcrafted by me in my workshop.

Clothing is made from new organic fabrics or vintage and upcycled fabrics. Sewing threads are all organic cotton.

Accessories and bags are all limited editions, made either individually or in small batches using vintage / upcycled fabrics. All of my clothing designs can be made to order from a selection of organic fabrics.

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Inspired by architecture and her home town of Plymouth, award-winning artist Sarah Smalldon creates quirky bright illustrations of her surroundings. She turns these illustrations into wall art, greetings cards, tea towels, gifts and calendars.

Why not commission a house portrait? Sarah’s bespoke illustrations of houses and families make wonderful unique gifts.

Working from photographs, Sarah hand draws on her iPad with an apple pencil to recreate your loved ones and their home, business, wedding venue or even their childhood family home.

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I design and make contemporary hand made glass. Gin sticks to match your Jelly Jam earrings. Hoopla hoop Lemon Drizzle necklaces or the Beetroot and Cranberry slice necklace. I studied at Plymouth College of Art and Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

Prices range from £17 to £440.


Love Bobbins

Love Bobbins was established in 2010 by myself, a seamstress, and my partner, a mixed media artist who wanted to make a go of doing what we love.

We design and hand-make a wide range of textile and wooden gifts, from soft toys and lampshades to driftwood boats, hand-painted signs and original art. We pride ourselves on producing great quality, unique pieces with upcycling being our forte. We turn something old into something new by reusing items such as unloved lampshades which are then stripped and remade into something altogether different. Most of the textiles we use are vintage or recycled so our impact on the environment is as little as it can be.

Our wooden gifts are all made from driftwood collected from local beaches and offcuts of unwanted wood. We love what we do and hope that you will to.


I do Taxidermy, specifically bad taxidermy. I don’t have any real narrative behind anything. There’s no meaning behind any of it. I just enjoy doing it and I hope that what I make will make people laugh. I make rat pencil cases with imaginatively inserted pencil sharpeners, magnetic mice earrings and mouse hearts/testicles in different resin shapes. I also have a book called ‘Uneducated Guesses’ - unrelated to taxidermy - but I like the idea that I can make something for everyone. 


Pollyanna Booth Textiles Design

I'm a textile designer, that graduated from University Centre Somerset in 2018. Since then I have worked freelance for an interior company and then a Fashion studio. I decided to create my own products and become a maker because I was getting so much interest in my designs. So this year I started my own business, and I've been applying for Artisan Markets to sell my work.

All my designs are painted with watercolours and then scanned in to photoshop to create designs that I then digitally print and then make products from them. I also screen-print on to linen to create designs.

I am an artist in residence at Unversity Centre Somerset, and that is where my studio space is located. I am very fortunate to be able to interact with students and have use of all the facilities.

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Practical products with a twist of treasure!

Taking selected pieces of metal recovered from local wrecks, combining with British leather and local driftwood.  My products are intended to be used every day, they are part of an ongoing story, they have a past a present and a future. Every piece unique and made to last.

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I work primarily in ink, as it transfers media effortlessly and maintains a sense of humanity and directness; from heart, to limb to pen.

My focus lies in what many consider the macabre, and my illustrative style lends itself to this as a concept. I aim to create images that haunt, that provoke thought and inspire the viewer to introspect, but without being morbid, and inspiring reflection over revulsion.

I envisage, as a first step, a series of powerful images, along the lines of the whale above, and the woman who dreams beyond where we exist day to day, and the wolf who may prowl or shy away defeated, that ruminate both the internalised pain of the human condition and also comment on the human impact upon - and view of - the beasts of this world and the next.

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Based in Plymouth, for several years I have been making custom steel lugged and fillet brazed bikes for road, randonneuring and touring.

I take my inspiration from the French constructeurs, to produce practical, but beautiful, bicycles which handle well when loaded and can be ridden both on the road and on unmade paths.
I created the Mayflower 400 bicycle to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth; it is a classic 650b randonneur made from a Columbus Spirit tubeset in racing green, with polished stainless steel lugs, dropouts, custom badges and bosses. I think that this best exemplifies my philosophy.

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YolkiHome is a collection of homeware and accessories, all made in Devon by Laura Segan. The name Yolki means 'pine tree' in Russian and is inspired by the time Laura spent living there. Laura makes weavings and macrame wall hangings, inspired by nature, vintage and traditional folk designs. Recently, Laura has designed a range of Yolki accessories such as necklaces and bags made from luxury natural cotton. Laura uses vintage wool and luxury modern wool to create a modern twist on traditional designs. All of her pieces are one-off and are completely handmade.

Rebecca Roberts Ceramics2 OceanMarkets67July (1).jpg
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Rebecca Roberts Ceramics is based in the beautiful South West of England, these surroundings, especially the coast, have always been an influence in her work. This could either be a direct influence - a coastline picked out in colour on a stark white porcelain form, other times it is more abstract as in her wave pictures and Edge series of bowls. With these she loves to encourage some of the natural and more eccentric properties of the porcelain, looking to the material to be itself. All work is individually made and due to the processes used, the resulting pieces are unique.

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Shayne House (b. 1970, Somerset) is an Artist, Designer & Maker.

Shayne has worked on a diverse range of projects for Bilbo Surfboards, Eden Project, Unilever (Dove), Bryde, KEO Films & The BBC, The Times and The Telegraph Online and The Wall Street Journal to name a few.

His Creative Practice incorporates photography, film, illustration, letterpress, typography, collage, screen-printing, found & foraged items, ephemera, and more...

Shayne House has exhibited in 4 group art shows, had 2 film screenings and participated in 1 live performance since 2011.

Shayne's inspiration is informed by, but not limited to, the flora and fauna of the countryside and coastline of his native South West England. He also has a keen interest in music, comedy, food & drink. There is often a playful sense of humour to Shayne's art & designs, which juxtaposes his work that's a little less frivolous.


Alice Antliff

Alice Antliff is a ceramics and glass artist, a recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art. Her work often seems fragile and intricate, representing the delicate qualities of plants and flowers, as she is inspired by the fact they are not only beautiful but they also make the world go around. They create the basis for life on this planet by providing food, shelter and oxygen, while at the same time helping us with the fight against global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Recently Alice has been looking at her own impact on the environment within her making and trying to limit this as much as possible using things like upcycled and recycled glass whenever possible.


WildMoor by Shelagh Brown

I am a textile artist, hand spinner, dyer and hand weaver using British and rare breed wool and natural fibres to make one off pieces of wearable art for you and your home. Handmade to last. Slow textiles.

Based in Princetown and inspired by the changing colours, textures and moods of the ancient landscape and endless horizons across the Moors, river and open sea.

- Handspun and handdyed skeins of wool and natural fibres
- Handspun and handwoven throws, wraps, scarves, bags, purses, table runners, rugs, wallhangings, cushions and lots of other ideas
- Handspun and handknitted wool hats and infinity cowls, etc

Megan Hall - Flotsam Prints Display Ocean Market 2-3 Nov (3).jpg
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My name is Megan and in March this year I took the plunge (pun intended) and started Flotsam Prints - a small art business specialising in limited edition linocuts inspired by wild swimming in the great outdoors. Plymouth has a large outdoor swimming community that I joined in October '18 and in a short time I was inspired to start creating.

My linocuts are shaped by my adventures and take influence from the local landscape, flora and fauna. For instance, after taking part in a recent race across the Tamar as part of the Saltash Regatta, I started mapping out the local rivers for a new limited edition series which has been exceptionally well received. Attached are three images that are atypical of my body of work and style and a fourth image of a sketch of what my stand will look like.

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Jessye is a graduate of Winchester School of Art, where she specialized in fashion knitwear. Her knitted design work is often developed as a response to the rugged landscape of West Cornwall where she lives and works. Not only does the interface between land and sea inspire her, but also the physical sensations of being and living on a peninsular at the far west of England, where the weather is ever changing and the elemental forces of nature are persistent. Using natural fibres like wools, merino, silks and mohair, her knitwear is either made using vintage hand operated knitting machines, or by hand knitting. Her work seeks to explore the boundaries and potential of hand manipulated knit and embraces a wide spectrum of knitting techniques.

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Taunton-based 2008 Middlesex University graduate Emma set up Olive Rose in 2015. The name is inspired by her daughters’ middle names.

She has a self-confessed obsession with the manipulation of a line. Using a Victorian lace craft called “Tatting”, she is able to manipulate a single line of thread into a complex structure.

This intricate textiles process involves knotting threads in particular ways, to form loops and lines. She stays true to the original technique, yet her designs have a contemporary feel.

Each design grows and develops through making, the threads themselves and colour are her inspiration.

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Silly Old Sea Dog produces vintage inspired clothing and accessories for women. We are excited to bring our full range of Christmas dresses and accessories to Ocean Winter Market.

All of the dresses and patterns are designed by ourselves and our dresses are made from 100% cotton fabrics, so can be washed and tumble dried.

We also produce a range of hair bows, headbands, hair flowers and other accessories, which are all produced by myself and a small team in Newquay.

As well as selling via our website, we also have an Etsy shop, active social media @SillyOldSeaDog on and sell and exhibit across the country.

Kay Nicholls sample of bag designs Ocean Market 6 & & July19 .jpeg


I am a textile designer who adores uniqueness and strives to incorporate individuality into all of my creations.

I specialise in using the marbling process, with acrylic paint and pouring mediums, to create vibrant free flowing designs with a sense of unpredictability and quirkiness. I use canvases as a base for the acrylic pours, I use both paper and fabric for the marbling process. 

I enjoy working with these mediums as the same colours can be used again and again, yet the finished design is completely unique, each piece is different from the last. For me, this is an attractive part of the process because when you tilt the product to encourage the paint to move and expand, it enhances the design. 

Representing the freedom of expression in the design as it denotes within our society, a celebration of uniqueness.
Once an acrylic pour, or marbling design, is completed I take a variety of photographs of the finished designs to consider which parts of the pour will make the best print for the finished product. The photographs are then printed and heat pressed onto fabrics before the material is used to create bags, crochet hook rolls.  

Zaleika Anna Jewellery - Ocean Markets Nov 2nd - Image 3.jpg

Zaleika Anna Jewellery

My passion for jewellery comes from its ability to empower the wearer in many different ways. Its versatility as a sculptural medium, means it can take on the many shapes and forms we encounter in our lives. Currently I am influenced by abstract patterns, often overlooked in the everyday. 

I am focusing on fragments of architecture and man-made objects comprising structured repetition. The regularity of such reoccurring patterns draws attention to the purposely missing and broken details within each piece. 


Beth Antliff

Bethany Antliff is a ceramic and glass artist based in Plymouth. She studied her bachelors degree at Plymouth College of Art, and decided to stay here in the southwest to be surrounded by incredible natural beauty. 

Beth explores a wide range of processes in both materials, sometimes combining them, to produce new and exciting pieces of work. 

 Beths work quietly connects us to what matters, to the natural world and our connection with it. She explores her concern and questioning for human consumption and the damage it causes to habitats and ecosystems throughout her work. She does this by taking inspiration from mutualistic symbiotic relationships in nature, where two species live along side each other both benefitting from the relationship, such as lichen and coral. She hopes to inspire admiration and consideration for the natural world within our everyday lives.

Her work doesn’t shout aggressively at us about climate change, and others environmental concerns, instead she subtly reminds us, in the most beautiful way, how to treat our incredible environment and live harmoniously with all others that inhabit it.